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The following sites reflect mainly Tai Chi links but also include teachers and friends of related arts.


ACT Fundamental Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu Eric Fitzgerald
International Martial Art Alliance - Shihan Graham Slater
Body Ecology - Zsuzsana Soboslay
Bac Fu Do (White Tiger Way) Kung Fu School - Sifu David Crook
Tai Chi Australia

Dr.Yau Yee Kay, Box Hill Acupuncture
535 Station St, Box Hill, VIC 3128 Phone : (03) 9898 7880
Dr. Kay is an excellent Chinese docotor and a Tai Chi teacher as well,
so he is ideally qualified to look after Willow Tree Students.

Lee’s Asian Grocery
Stall 019, Prahran Market. Phone : (03) 9826 6039
Lee’s has a wide range of Asian food if you want to learn some new
dishes, but most importantly stocks Chinese tea (Pu Erh Tea – the kind
we have in class), and a good range of Chinese patent medicines located
in the glass case beneath the front counter.
These are very reasonably priced compared to other places in town.


Patience Tai Chi - Sifu Bill Phillips
Wu Wei Tai Chi - Sifu David Chen
Sifu Ken Van Sickle
Great Lake Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu Mark Westcott


CMC Tai Chi Research Association


Autumn River Tai Chiu - Sifu Jan Kauskas