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Personal Consultation

Traditionally Tai Chi and Chi Kung are taught from teacher to student on a one on one basis.

While most of the benefits of Tai Chi & Chi Kung can be obtained in class, private consultations are available to students who are looking to address specific issues that cannot be covered during general class time. Some of these issues can relate to:

  • Consultation for using Tai Chi & Chi Kung to overcome or address specific problems
  • Correcting misalignments or blockages
  • Advanced practice for more experienced students
  • Using Tai Chi as a tool to achieve life goals
It is advised that students come prepared with specific questions to make the most of their one on one lesson.


$100 per hour

Sifu Morgan has 20 years experience in practicing and over a decade teaching Tai Chi & Chi Kung. More information about Sifu Morgan can be found here.

Testimonials from regular private students

I have only been studying Tai Chi with the Willow Tree School of Taiji for a short time, but under the watchful eye of Sifu Morgan, I have made more progress than I previously thought possible, though still only a beginner, I feel inspired, engaged, and empowered to take control of my training when not in class, but also to remain relaxed, humble, and open to learning at all times.
I whole heartedly recommend Willow Tree School, and Sifu Morgan to anyone serious about studying Tai Chi.
- Sheldon Whittaker

Tai chi has been extremely beneficial to me as a low-impact excercise which helps to improve my arthritis and general health. I was also able to keep practising during my pregnancy, and Sifu Morgan was very helpful with tailoring the classes to suit my changing capabilities up to the birth and beyond. - Elizabeth Drake

Sifu Morgan emphasizes practicing Tai Chi foundation exercises daily without a break. All these short routine exercises contain in depth Tai Chi principles. I find this is extremely beneficial in terms of health and building a good foundation for Tai Chi form and sensing hands. As he always says laying a page a day will eventually make a book. - Shon Siau

Call Sifu Morgan on 0409 260 000 or email us to book a time and see if personal tuition suits you.

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