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1st Year Curriculum

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Foundation Training - Level One at The WIllow Tree School

The first level comprises4 courses of 10 weeks and will take approximately 1 years to complete.

Every student will receive a certificate of participation after completing each course.


INTRODUCTION: The course is inspired by the teaching of Grandmaster Hsu Yee Chung, president of both the Shi Zhong School of Tai Chi in Taiwan and the worldwide Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association.
Before he died, Grandmaster Hsu's teacher gave him a piece of calligraphy containing 4 inner door teachings, explaining how to carry the deepest inner principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung into our everyday lives. The four teachings show us how to improve the ways we use our bodies – sitting, standing, walking and sleeping.

Taoist Yoga teaches us the core principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and shows us how to apply them so that we can relax our minds and energise our bodies not just in class, but at anytime throughout the day.

Taoist Yoga is a simple yet powerful introduction to the world of inner health and meditation.


Sunrise Meditation at the Willow Tree School comprises simple yet effective practices to relax and energise the body and mind to get the most out of the day ahead. Supercharge your life by coming every morning.

Combining Chi Kung, self-massage and both standing and sitting meditation, the sunrise class helps students adopt regular daily practice and learn the basics of chi kung and meditation.

Exercises include the 8 Brocades, Zhan Zhuang (Standing postures), Sitting meditation with Tan Tien breaking and basic swining and join rotation exercises to encourage circulation, stretch the tendons, relax the muscles and encourage energy.

This course can be complete by attending any 10 of the Sunrise Meditation clasess oferred throughout the year.


Master Huang's 5 Loosening Exercises are an essential aid to helping relax the mind and body. Containing all of the principles of Tai Chi, and focussing on the most important - sung (relax), these exercises will loosen the body, relax the mind, increase circulation and give us a foundation for later work with the 37 movement form.


Master Liu Xi Heng had the idea of connecting the key Tai Chi movements with the ancient 5 Animal Frolics Chi Kung. The movements of Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Deer and Bird provide not only valuable practice of the core principles of Tai Chi but also serve as a bridge into learning the Tai Chi form.

In this course we also revise the Bear movement in detail, another key Tai Chi foundation exercise.

After completing the above four course in Foundation Training, students are well equipped in the movement and principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and ready to begin learning the more detailed 37 Movement Form.

The second year curriculum focusses on learning the Tai Chi 37 movement form in detail.

The third year curriculum focusses on learning the partnered exercises of Tai Chi.

The four year foucsses on learning the Tai Chi sword form and partnered exercises.

Students who complete all four courses in each level (e.g. Level 1 = The first 4 courses) will receive a separate certificate indicating their accomplishment.

The first four levels (equivalent of an undergraduate course of study) comprise 16 courses of 10 weeks and will take approximately 4 years to complete.

Students who complete a course may be elligible to attend certified instructor workshops to teach that course.

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