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Chi Gong & Taoist Philosophical Meditation

Chi Gong literally means “energy work” or “breath work” since the Chinese character for energy and air are the same. Chi Gong practice can be traced back to ancient times in China and has over 10,000 recorded varieties. It assists in healing the body and mind by clearing blockages and restoring healthy energy.

Chi Gong & Taoist Philosophical Meditation (Thursday 7:30-9pm)

The Willow Tree School focusses on Chi Gong principles and practices found within T’ai Chi, especially Zhan Zhuang (Standing like a Tree) practice. We also practice the Eight Brocades Exercises, Crane Exercises and patterns derived from various forms of Medical Chi Gong.

Performing these gongs or exercises promotes the development of “Three Treasures” or San Bao. The Three Treasures can be loosely translated as Essence, Vitality and Spirit and cultivate a calm mind and body filled with healthy energy.

Taoist meditation is a non-religious, philosophical approach to health and inner peace, utilising the principles of Lao Tzu’s Tao Teh Ching. Unlike other forms of meditation, we practice not only sitting but also moving and standing meditation in conjunction with the theory and practice of energy development and health maintenance.

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