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Classes at Willow Tree Tai Chi Bayside & Peninusla 2015



Join any time- call Catherine 0409 260 000 or email healthy@willowtreetaichi.com for more information

Join Level 1 Foundation Exercise class any time. These classes are excellent for beginners to advanced students, require no prior knowledge of tai chi and are attended by students at all levels of learning.

the Tai Chi Form Class after completing Level One Foundation classes.



Beginners to Advanced
Saturday 8:45-10:00am


Come and try your first class for free.

50% FAMILY DISCOUNT - One family member joins, the other can attend at a 50% discount (only for students who pay for the term in advance, not pay as you go).


BEAUMARIS: Beaumaris Yacht Club, First Floor. Enter slip road to beach after the Ricketts Point Tea House. Not to be confused with the Beaumaris Motorised Yacht Club near Cromer Rd.

A variety of Chinese teas served during classes.

Photos of the end of Term 2, 2014 gathering with Master Law's visit.

Photos of 2015 practice with Master Law at his house

Traditional Tai Chi Exercise Class Level 1 – Simple but fundamental core foundation exercises at the heart of tai chi and chi kung practice. These traditional exercises are part of the inner tradition of the art, taught to inner door students. They allow a fast pathway to tai chi mastery and will help the student accelerate their progress with other aspects of the art including form work, partnered exercise and sword form. Suitable for all levels of experience. A great way to get your weekend off to an energetic and relaxing start!

Traditional Tai Chi Levels 2-9 - Learn the course of traditional tai chi to transform your body-mind health. The first year course incorporates the 37 movement form, form correction, chi kung, posture holding (zhan zhuang), tai chi theory, history and principles, and Taoist philosophy. Later years comprise form correction, partnered exercise and sword form respectively. After completion of the first study course students will be eligible to become independent instructors (3-4 years training).

A great opportunity to come and learn the traditional Tai Chi curriculum of the Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association (the offical body representing Professor Cheng Man Ching's teaching).