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About Master Law Lun Yeung (Bill Law)

Master Law Lun-Yeung has been practicing CMC (Cheng Man-Ching) style Tai Chi Chuan since 1985 and is the disciple of Master Hsu Yee-Chung, former disciple of the late Professor Cheng Man Ching (1900-1975). Mr. Law is current Principal, of the Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association, in Melbourne Australia.

Mr. Law was born in Guandong China (Southern China.) in 1939, and moved to Hong Kong in 1962 and migrated to Australia in 1990. In 1958 Mr. Law, studied Taichi Chuan in Guangzhou China learning the 24-step form. Mr. Law also previously studied and practiced Yang style, for five years under the late Mr. David Chan, former student of the late Mr. Tung Ying-Jie. Where he learnt the long form, Sword, Blade, Stick, Push hands, Da-lu San-shou. Mr.Law has also practiced Wing Chun, I Chuan (Mind Boxing) and Ying Zhao Chuan (Eagle Claw fist).

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Master Law Lun Yeung

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