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About Master Hsu Yee Chung

Master Hsu Yee Chung was a senior disciple of Professor Cheng Man Ching and is the current president of Professor's school in Taipei, the Shr Jung School for Culture and the Arts.

He is also the president of the Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association, a worldwide body for the study and research into, Professor Cheng's Tai Chi method.

He took over from the previous President, Master Liu Hsi Heng.

He promotes Professor's whole curriculum with an emphasis on Tai Chi foundation practices and his "Tai Chi for Everyday Living" system, left to him by Professor Cheng - a four phrase secret for applying Tai Chi to sleeping, standing, walking and sitting.

He is a tireless promoter of CMC Tai Chi and travels the world teaching and sharing Professor's art.

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Grandmsater Hsu Yee Chung & Sifu Morgan Buchanan
Sifu Morgan with Grandmaster Hsu Yee Chung & Mrs. Hsu

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