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About Professor Cheng Man Ching
(Zheng Manqing)

Known as the “Master of Five Excellences” for his high level of expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Painting, Poetry, Calligraphy & T’ai Chi, Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing was one of the greatest Chinese classicists of the 20th century. Because of his comprehensive understanding of classical culture, Professor Cheng was able to re-discover the ancient principles of T’ai Chi, that were in danger of being lost to the modern world.

Professor Cheng’s 37 posture Tai Chi method was based on the idea of concentrating more deeply on a smaller number of movments, developing the principles at the heart of the art. Cheng’s Tai Chi is unique, unlike any other style of Tai Chi in its focus on softness, energy development and non-resistance.

His T’ai Chi method is in perfect accord with the principles of the T’ai Chi Classics and the three great philosophical schools of China - Taoist, Buddhist & Confucian.

Professor Cheng founded the Shr Jung School of Culture and the Arts in Taiwan and New York and taught his principles to thousands of students over the course of his life. His senior disciple, Master Hsu Yee Ch’ung, Sifu Morgan’s Grandmaster, resides in Taipei and is the current president of the school.

Cheng Man Ching Single Whip
Professor Cheng Man Ching performs the Single Whip posture.

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