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Shaking Hands With A Cloud – Meeting Sifu Bill Phillips

404512_542445732468491_802574464_nI visited Sifu Bill Phillips of Patience Tai Chi today. Sifu Bill was one of Professor Cheng Man Ching’s students and an instructor at the New York Shr Jung school. When we shook hands I nearly fell over because I couldn’t add any pressure in order to shake. He stuck to my hand with just surface contact and let me move his hand all over. No matter which way I went with the handshake I couldn’t add any pressure (and I mean not one ounce). It was like shaking hands with a cloud. Strange experience. I think my push hands has improved a great deal since my last visit with Sifu Bill but that didn’t make much difference to the outcome, still no luck. But as with last visit, I learned a great deal.

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