Master Law Lun Yeung (羅倫讓) Teaches Professor Cheng Man Ching (郑曼青) Tai Chi Basics

My teacher, Master Law Lun-Yeung has been practicing CMC (Cheng Man-Ching) style Tai Chi Chuan since 1985 and is the disciple of Master Hsu Yee-Chung, former disciple of the late Professor Cheng Man Ching (1900-1975).

Mr. Law is President of the Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association in Melbourne Australia. Mr. Law was born in Guandong China (Southern China) in 1939, and moved to Hong Kong in 1962 and migrated to Australia in 1990. In 1958 Mr. Law studied Taichi Chuan in Guangzhou China. Mr. Law also previously studied and practiced Yang style for five years under the late Mr. David Chan, former student of the late Mr. Tung Ying-Jie, where he learnt the long form, sword, blade, stick, push hands, da-lu and san-shou. Mr.Law has also practiced Wing Chun, I Chuan (Mind Boxing) and Ying Zhao Chuan (Eagle Claw fist).

Master Law will be leading the Cheng Man Ching Taipei 2013 Tour with me later this year in October 2013!
Sifu Morgan

The 6 Changes of the Wrist in the Opening Movement of CMC Tai Chi
The starting posture counts as the first change. The return to the opening position counts as the last change.

Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6 Picture 7Picture 8 Picture 9 


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